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Animal Systems

The Sheng Hun Kung Fu system is based around a core group of animal forms. Each of these forms represents a complete art within itself.

Many modern day martial ways have mixed the fighting movements of the animal forms together, such as tiger/crane or mantis/monkey. We believe that this is an unnecessary diversion from the intent of the original art.

Each animal form has within it the ability to complete fighting movements without relying on, or blending in, motions from other animals. A student of Sheng Hun will learn the separate, distinct and complete fighting principles of each animal.


Xiong (BEAR): Clarity, definition and fluidity - the Hard Qi Gong foundation of all martial arts.

From the Bear we learn how to harness the power of mass, body physics, strength and stamina. We apply the theory of the Bear's movements to individual techniques or Gah Gee, and Goon Chuen (fast flowing form) to all other animal fighting movements.

The practice of Xiong Chuan, using shifting mass and Iron Sand Palm, is a signature accomplishment in the training of Sheng Hun.

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