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Researching the history of Chinese Martial Arts can be very difficult. This is due to a general lack of written records. Originally, within schools of Kung Fu, history was passed down orally from teacher to students. Overtime, the students themselves became teachers, and taught their own students according to what their teacher had passed down by word of mouth. We can be sure that much of the true history of Chinese Martial Arts was lost in this manner. It is generally accepted today that many histories of individual kung fu schools were embellished with heroic characters found in popular Chinese Mythology to fill in for the history which had been lost.

Eventually it seemed that almost every school decended from a Taoist Priest, the Shao Lin Temple or the Indian Monk Da Mo. These oral traditions are preserved for posterity but should many times be considered more of an interesting story rather that absolute truth.

This background is the oral tradition of Sheng Hun Kung Fu as passed down from the late Shi Gong Cheng.

The Cheng family originated when the emperor of the Chou dynasty bestowed upon his brother the title, Earl of Yao, and granted him the Land of Cheng, in the middle kingdom (in the now Henan Province). His descendents adopted the name of the land to be their surname. Over time many branches of the family developed and prospered. Today, Cheng is one of the most common Chinese family names.

The Art of Sheng Hun has its origins in the eighteen animals of the ancient yogas. History has it that Da Mo, the Bodhisattva Warrior traveled to China and made his way to the Shaolin temple. He found the monks at the temple to be too weak to stay awake during long periods of meditation and created three exercises to help them increase their strength. These were the "Marrow Washing" and "Tendon Changing" classics as well as the 18 Lohan stances. Together, they formed the basis for Shaolin Kung Fu. It's from this background that the art of Sheng Hun was passed to the Cheng family.

Elder Cheng brought these methods back to the Cheng Family Province. It is here that Sheng Hun was transformed from Qi Gong practice to the Martial Art it is today. Sheng Hun remained a family art and passed down through the generations to the late Shi Gong Cheng. From Shi Gong Cheng the art was taught to Da Shifu Schaffer. Sheng Hun is preserved in its purest form and taught to exacting standards in our kwoon today.