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She (Cobra): With circling Pagoda movements the Cobra utilizes his body mass applied to his hood to deliver hard, fast concessionary strikes with timing unlike any other animal.

Known for fang strikes, hood strikes, circling Pagoda movements and timing, the Cobra is speed. His posture emphasizes mobility which allows rapid advances and evasiveness.

The Cobra system is an internal method of simultaneous striking and blocking. The hard and soft aspects of cobra are delivered by Yang strikes in the form of Pak She Shu and Yin strikes capable of receiving energy.

When fighting, the Cobra practitioner’s body will circle in a magnum rotating centerline with the hips kept to a vertical plane, floating all soft footwork known as Pagoda.

The Sheng Hun Cobra stresses training and manipulation of Qi (energy) and teaches pinpoint striking of vital areas.

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