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Lung (DRAGON) : Originally developed from the stretching and twisting movements of Bodhidharma’s Qi Gong exercises.

As a martial art, Dragon Style can be traced back to circa 1565 AD. The heart of the Sheng Hun Dragon is a set from Yu Men Quan named Mor Kui. This set consists of high speed coiled body movements that project energy through the use of Pan Choy, Tung Toy, Lotus and Goat Trapping takedowns.

These weapons of the dragon are supported by the coiling and uncoiling movements of the dragon’s body. Posture, momentum, timing and sensitivity are cultivated in the practice Yu Men Quan.

Being a supernatural creature, the dragon can appear and disappear at will. He controls his domain with internal and external circles of Qi power, spirit and a secret signature movement that only a Dragon Shifu could know.