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Tong Long (Praying Mantis): The most intriguing, complex animal fighting art in history. Today there are many strands of Tong Long kung fu usually known for just one particular fighting principle. This splintering of the art of Tong Long into factions occurred as the old masters differentiated themselves according to their specializations.

One who was known for plum blossom started a school and called his "Plum Blossom Mantis" while another who was good at the Seven Star footwork started a school and called it "Seven Star Mantis".

Over the ages this has resulted in the many mantis schools we see today such as seven star, plum blossom, six harmonies, tan tui and zhou clan just to name a few.

Often times these strands will lack important fighting principles that were found in the original art of Tong Long. Sheng Hun Tong Long uses Jade Ring, Beng Bu and Tan Tui footwork to achieve point of vulnerability which will position the mantis for Secret Door applications. From here the mantis applies Branching to Sticky Hands to Chin Na (joint lock, bone break, take down).

Eight Step, Six Harmonies, Dragging Hands, Jade Ring and more are key elements of the complete and rare art of Sheng Hun Tong Long

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