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Sheng Hun Kung Fu utilizes a unique approach to training martial arts. Sheng Hun maintains a philosophy of training with purpose. While callisthenic exercises may make you physically strong they do nothing to develop other important aspects of kung fu training.

We are concerned with training both the mind and body. The training regimen of Sheng Hun consists of hard and soft Qi Gong workouts. These workouts teach the basic mechanics of all seven fighting animal systems and the related applications as a part of daily group lessons.

These ancient training methods allow the student to achieve an excellent weekly exercise program while practicing their animal movements for self defense. This training harmonizes both internal and external practices so the student can understand and develop jin, or force, so that it can be projected through animal movements.

Proper Qi Gong exercises assure the student will develop and maintain good health while learning movements which restore and heal the body. Because Sheng Hun focuses on the cultivation of vital “Qi” energy instead of relying solely on physical strength, this is a system that is excellent for men, women and youth.

Great care and attention is taken so that all aspects of training are safe and risk of injury is minimal while still maintaining the intensity of an excellent workout. Timing, coordination, physical strengthening, balance, breath and the cultivation of energy are the rewards of our Sheng Hun training regimen.

The Sheng Hun training regimen teaches a progression of fighting principles. These principles are the Four Tenets of Sheng Hun.

1. Form or posture. Your body structure or shape.
2. Force. Your force or theirs? Whose energy in what direction?
3. Application. How do I deal with that force? Timing of posture.
4. Philosophy. Making the best use of the fighting principles you know.

These tenets are taught within the following Theories, Concepts, Movements and Workout Sets.

- Iron Sand Palm Projection Sets
- Four Doors, Four Gates of attack and defense
- Six gates of the body
- Muscle/Tendon Changing – Brain/Bone Marrow Washing
- Rooting, Floating, Circling, Shifting, Shrinking, Lofting, Swooping, and 
- Cheng Family Animal Chuan sets
- Lian Bu Chuan footwork practice set
- Self-defense strategy and tactics