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Sheng Hun Kung Fu for Kids

As parents, we know all too well how difficult growing up can be. Childhood is full of peer pressure and temptation to follow the crowd. At Sheng Hun Kung Fu we want to help your child build self-esteem and character in order to become assertive and self-confident. Our classes give kids the tools to become leaders, not followers.

In addition to these behavioral and emotional benefits, your child will improve their fitness level and health with our regular physical workouts which will help lead to a healthier lifestyle.

Some parents may be concerned with aggressiveness in their children. Learning kung fu will build discipline and maturity that will help temper aggression or anger. It is our goal to help build assertive, self-confident children capable of making smart choices in their day to day lives.

Little Monks - ages 5-7 - The Little Monks class focus on building skills not rank. Little Monks stresses paying attention, building discipline and having fun. The Little Monks learn the same kung fu, but broken down into bite size pieces that they can accomplish.

Little Shaolins - ages 8-10 - Little Shaolins is a continuation of the Little Monks class with many of the same exercises and skills sets but at a more advanced level. Limited sash rank progression begins at this point but is not a major focus of the Little Shaolins class.

Young Warriors - ages 11-14 - Our Young Warrior class is the full Sheng Hun Kung Fu program for teens. This class covers all the material of the adult class and truly begin to advance the kids through sash rank progression. The Young Warriors will learn the full kung fu work out regimens and complete self-defense materials of Sheng Hun.